Cookie Policy

  1. The Website uses 'cookies', little files that contain information sent from server to the user’s browser. Cookies allow the server to deposit data which can be updated and recovered by the entity who installed them.
  2. Cookies are for us a tool which helps enhance the user experience and data security on the website. They are used exclusively for:
    • chosing the website language. Once a language is selected, it is memorized by the system with the help of cookies and by every new browsing session the website is displayed in the chosen language, which naturally can be changed later;
    • keeping the user data during a session. If you exit the browser and open it again, you will be directly logged in to the website, if you chose the option 'Remember me';
    • for online security (protection against CSRF-cross site request forgery), to make sure all data forms sent to our website are coming from our website.
  3. Cookies don’t keep personal data, have not as purpose to analyze the user access on the website and can not read data from the personal device of the user.
  4. The website contains also files from Google Analytics (a service destined to generate web statistics), which generates an anonymous user ID that is used to memorize the user visits on the website. These files store the begin and end time of the session on the website, the user origin and the keywords used on Google in order to reach the website.
  5. Once informed about this Cookie Policy (which can be accessed later on) and about the way our website uses cookies, the user can:
    • continue to navigate on the page by clicking on 'I Agree'. In this case the cookie message will not appear anymore and you agree with the way we use cookies;
    • change the browser settings to block/delete the cookie files. In this case it is possible that the website or parts of it will not function correctly anymore.