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Any person/company can use the website, the only condition being to fully respect the Terms and Conditions.

During the sign up process you have to introduce your email address as well as your preferred username and password. Then you have to check the type of user you are (candidate in this case) and accept the Terms and Conditions

The new account is created after pressing the 'Sign up' button.

In order to log in on the website is necessary to introduce your username and password. You can also mark the ‘Remember me’ checkbox if you want to enter directly on the website on the next time. We recommend to use this option only if you access the website from your personal computer or you trust all the person which are using the computer.

If you forget your password you can reset it by clicking the ‘Forgot your password?’ button. Afterwards you will receive a link that will redirect you to the Reset password page, where you can set a new password.

The account settings can be edited by clicking the Settings button (vertical menu) on your homepage. Here you can change the email address, username and password. Also from here it is possible to subscribe/unsubscribe to our newsletter, to choose the situations when you want to receive an email notification and to delete your account.

Once signed up, the next step is to create a profile (you will be automatically redirected to the ‘Create Profile’ page after signing up, alternatively you can click on ‘Profile’ in the main horizontal menu and then on ‘Create Profile’ from the vertical menu or click on ‘Create Profile’ in the drop-down menu from the top left of the page).

To create a profile you have to fill in the following fields:

  • The filename of your first CV and the language of it (mandatory);
  • Name and last name (mandatory);
  • Birthdate (mandatory);
  • Position (mandatory);
  • Email (mandatory), is by default filled with your log in email;
  • Phone and website;
  • Type of job you are looking for and your reached career level (mandatory, multiple choice inputs);
  • Salary level. You can choose to keep your salary level confidential or visible to companies;
  • Your field (fields) of activity (multiple choice input);
  • Your career objective (mandatory, multiple choice input);
  • Locations where you would like to work (multiple choice input). If the location doesn’t appear on the list you can type it under ‘Other locations’;
  • Personal Address (street, number and city);
  • Hobbies and Interests;
  • Availability to travel for work (multiple choice input);
  • Availability to relocate (multiple choice input);
  • links to social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, Github, Dribble, Youtube, Vimeo).

After completing filling in this form you have to press the ‘Save Profile’ button. The data are used to prefill your first CV. You can edit these afterwards from this CV.

There are two ways to add a profile photo:

  • direct upload of photo (click on the button ‘Change Photo’ appears when you place the mouse cursor on the photo). Here you can upload a profile photo from your device, resize and crop it and choose the most relevant part with the help of zoom in/out buttons and by dragging the photo with the mouse. Once you fix the most relevant area from the original photo you have to click on the green save button. The upload can take up to 1-2 minutes depending on the file size and the speed of your internet connection.
  • upload from the website Your profile photo from this website will appear as your profile photo on once you sign up on this website with the same email address as on

You can change the website language by clicking on the top right of the page.

You will be automatically redirected to filling in the first CV after saving your profile.

The CV has the following fields:

  • Your career objective, prefilled with the completed data under the ‘Create Profile’ section;
  • Personal data, prefilled with the completed data under the ‘Create Profile’ section. In addition you can mark here if you have a driving license;
  • Hobbies and Interests, prefilled with the completed data under the ‘Create Profile’ section;
  • Work Experience. To add a new work experience click on the 'Add New Experience' button (  ). You can complete the relevant data for every work experience here (company, position, job type, field of activity, begin and end date, job description). To help you faster fill the next work experience, the system will automatically prefill some fields, like position, field of activity, begin date). Once you add more work experiences, these will be displayed chronologically (the new ones will appear before the old ones). If you want to change the order, just click on the 'Sort Experiences Button' (  ) and reorder the inputs by drag and drop.
  • Education. To add another education click on the 'Add New Education Button' (  ). For every entry you have to complete the school, degree, begin and end date and a brief description. Then your studies will be displayed chronologically (first the newest ones).
  • Skills. For every skill you possess it’s possible to fill the name, knowledge, level and a description of it.
  • Languages. Here you can add the foreign languages that you know and the knowledge level for speaking, reading, listening and writing. Afterwards the system will calculate your average score, for the graphic display, as an average between these 4 criteria (basic – 25%, average – 50%, good – 75%, excellent – 90%, native – 100%).
  • Portfolio. Here you can add, by clicking on ‘Add Portfolio’, data about important projects you worked on. For every project you can fill in the project title, client, begin and end date, project description (all these are mandatory) and project website, budget, skills used, a video presentation and a maximum number of three photos (max. 5 MB each). You can drag and drop the photos all together or separately, in order to upload them. You can also remove every uploaded photo from here.
  • Favorite quote. Here you can add a quote that define yourself. You have to add the quothe and the author.
  • Video presentation. You can add a presentation video of yourself, from or To do this, just copy the link of the video from these websites and press the ‘Add video’ button.
  • Contact. Your contact data are shown here, like your email address, phone number, website and a link to your CV. You can copy this link and send it to anyone you wish.

After creating your first CV, the ‘Create Profile’ button from the main menu becomes ‘Add CV’.

The CV format uses allows an advanced editing of your CV. You can edit the structure and the content of your CV.

To edit the structure of the CV press the 'edit button' (  ). In the modal window that appears you can edit the title of the chapters and remove the chapters you consider irrelevant.

To edit the content of each chapter just press the 'edit button' (  ), a button that appears when you hover with the mouse on each chapter.

To edit the data of a project from your portfolio you must first open it. Then you can edit all the text entries you made, by pressing the 'edit button' (  ). The photos are to be edited from the ‘Edit photos’ area, where you can also set the background photo for this project. If you don’t set one, the background photo will be the default one, from the website.

You can send your CV by email to someone else by pressing the 'send mail' button (  ) and entering the email address in the window that opens.

You can change your cover photo by clicking on the 'add photo' button (  ), a button which appears top right. To remove the photo, just press the 'delete photo' button (  ).

You can edit or delete a CV from Profile/My CVs. The buttons that allow you to edit/delete a CV appear when hover with your mouse on each CV card. Here you can mark your main CV, which has the following functions:

  • it will be used as a template for every new CV you want to add;
  • you can edit the background photo (See ‘How to edit your CV);
  • you can access it faster, by clicking ‘Edit CV’ from the top left drop-down menu;
  • it will appear in the weekly newsletter, that the companies receive from us, if the field of activity and the location express what the respective company is looking for. The location will not be taken into consideration if you are available to relocate.

The main CV can be deleted just if there are no more CVs. Otherwise it is necessary to mark another CV as your main CV, and then delete it.

To add a new CV you have to press the ‘Add CV’ button. A copy of your main CV will be opened, which you can edit in order to have a new CV.

The cover letters can be added, edited, deleted, from Profile/My Letters. The edit and delete buttons appear when you hover with the mouse on each cover letter card.

The search job area occupies the upper part of the homepage. You can search a job in our database by following criteria:

  • keywords (the system will search after these words in the job title and job description);
  • location – you can search after one or more locations where you would like to work;
  • field of activity – you can choose one or more fields of activity of the jobs;
  • distance – you can set a distance as radius from your location(s), where the system will search for jobs;
  • job type (multiple choice input);
  • necessary career level for the job (multiple choice input);
  • salary level (multiple choice input).

All jobs will appear on homepage in chronological order (the newest ones will appear first).

You can see the detailed presentation of each job by clicking on the job card. In the detailed job presentation page you can find the ‘Apply’ button bottom centered. It is necessary to select the CV with you want to apply with and you can also select a cover letter (optional).

After applying for a job, it will appear under My Applications menu and the ‘Apply’ button will become ‘Unapply’. If you click on it you will remove your application for the job.

In order to find interesting jobs easier, you can save them by clicking the ‘Save Job’ button. Afterwards the job will appear under ‘Saved Jobs’ (main vertical menu). A saved job can be removed at any time by pressing the ‘Remove Job’ button.

If the job has an associated test, you can take it the day after the job expires. You can choose the time when you will take the test anytime on this day. You can take the test just once. After completing it, click on ‘Submit’. offers the possibility to communicate through messages with companies directly on the website. It’s important to notice that any conversation must be initiated by the company. The candidate can view, filter, sort, reply to and delete the received messages. He can also view the company profile by clicking on its name. You find this section under Profile/Messages.

A candidate has the possibility to view the profile of a company by viewing a job posted by the respective company or if he is in contact with the company via messages. When viewing a company profile, a candidate can mark it as favorite employer, by pressing the ‘Add to favorite’ button. You can also send your CV to the company from here, by clicking on ‘Send your CV to this company’. The main advantage of this feature is the possibility to easily view a company profile and the jobs posted by them.

There are two ways to remove a company from this section:

  • by clicking on ‘Remove from favorites’ button on the company profile page. The main page has to be refreshed in order to see the change (CTRL+F5, F5 or press the Refresh button of your browser);
  • by clicking on ‘Remove’ button on the company card, under Profile/Favorites (the button appears when you hover with the mouse cursor over the card).

You can access this section by clicking on Profile/Settings. Here you can edit your username, email address and password. Also from here it is possible to subscribe/unsubscribe to our newsletter, to choose the situations when you want to receive an email notification and to delete your account.

In case of malfunction of the website we recommend you to first press the ‘Refresh’ button of your internet browser (or CTRL+F5) because many problems are caused by your browser cache memory settings. If the problem persists, feel free to contact us under the email address [email protected] with a short description of the error.