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    The website is created and administered by the company S.C. CliRad Develop SRL, with the headquarters in Brăila, Romania. The company registration data is: J9/132/2016; CUI: 35727410.

    The terms 'website', 'company', 'we' are referring to the company S.C. CliRad Develop SRL.The term 'user' represents the person/companies which are using the website.The terms 'Regulation' or 'Contract' are referring to the present Terms and Conditions, which are to be considered as a legal contract.

    Once a user marks the checkbox 'I agree with the Terms and Conditions', he/she/it declares its agreement to fully follow this regulation. We recommend you to check this regulation periodically, as it may change in the course of time. You can read this regulation at any time, by accessing the page 'Terms and Conditions'.

    If a paragraph is declared illegal, that will not affect the other paragraphs of the present regulation.


    Any person/company can use the website, the only condition being to fully respect the Terms and Conditions.

    The access on the website is possible after correctly typing your email and password, which you established during the sign up process. The email and password can be edited afterwards. The website will never request your password or email via unsolicited messages or phone calls. If you receive such a message or phone call, please contact us on [email protected]. Even if we do our best to create a secure platform, unfortunately no data connection is 100% safe. Because of this we cannot be declared responsible for any moral or financial losses because a third party obtained and used information with the aim to provoke moral/financial damages. If you suppose you could be in danger because of this, please contact us on [email protected] and immediately change your password.

    The access to some areas of the website may be conditioned by paying a fee, once or as weekly/monthly/yearly payment. The access to these areas will be permitted just after the payment and payment confirmation. The payment is to be done in euros. The payment will not be returned but it is possible to use these money as payment for other services from us.

    For companies the use of some website features (e.g. adding new jobs, searching for candidates in our database) is possible just after we verify the veracity of the profile data. This process can take up to 48 h, from the moment of registration or the moment of changing these data).

    The access of unauthorized persons on our servers is forbidden. If an user tries to access or accesses the servers, we will immediately notify the state legal authorities.


    The content and design of the website are the property of S.C. CliRad Develop SRL. Any use, reproduction (totally or partially) of the content or design of the website will be treated as a violation of the copyright rules.

    Excepted is the user's own content, like profile data, job announcements (with quizzes), the own publicity of the company, articles written by collaborators (these are the intellectual property of the authors).

    By publishing content on the website the authors are conferring to us the right to use, distribute, modify, reproduce, translate or communicate this content.


    The website is a human resources recruiting portal having as main objective to help companies find the ideal candidate for a certain job. In order to realize this, the website has a diverse content, composed mainly from personalized content of companies/candidates, as well as useful articles having human resources as the main topic.

    The website acts as an interface by distributing content between different users and can't be legally responsible for the content that doesn't belong to the website authors, like profile data, job announcements, quizzes, articles written by collaborators etc. We can't guarantee the veracity of this type of content, even if we will try to personally verify them. If a user considers that some content is inadequate, he/she/it can report it to us, on the email address [email protected].

    The website can also contain publicity.

    The website contains also confidential information, which will not be visible nor distributed to third parties, if the user doesn't wish this. We won't disclose information like name, address, email or phone number without the consent of the user, excepting the case it's specifically stipulated in a law. Viewing private messages between companies and candidates will be done just if one part reports the use of an inadequate language.


    The user has to provide real, exact, complete and actual profile information when registering on the website and filling the profile data, according to the registration and create and edit profile forms.

    Providing false, incomplete, inexact or nor actual data can lead to the blocking of the account.


    The user is entirely responsible for the actions he makes on the website and their consequences and is the only responsible entity for the form, content or veracity of the materials posted on the website.

    The user has to publish correct and complete job announcements, the selection being made just on the announced criteria (in the job description field). In the case the user provides incorrect/incomplete/false data the website can't be held responsible for any inconvenience due to the use of such data.

    The website is not obliged to control the information offered by other users, available on the website.

    The profile data of a company/company are to be used just for human resources recruiting process, the distribution of these data (partially or in its integrality) being forbidden.

    The Website can't be held responsible for aspects derived from the fact that a user hasn't read this regulation. The Regulation can be modified at any time, without notification. The user has the responsibility to check this regulation periodically.


    The access on the website can be blocked in one of these situations:

    • disrespecting this regulation;
    • providing of false, incomplete, inexact, not actual data;
    • posting erotic/porno content (exception the jobs in the erotic/adult industry) and using inappropriate language, including in the private messages;
    • posting xenophobe, racist, discriminating or aggressive to a group of persons content;
    • posting materials that contain viruses or software that can harm the website and users;
    • posting content without having the intellectual property over it;
    • integral or partial distribution of profile data of other users to third parties;
    • false identity, creating false profile or spam, creating multiple accounts;
    • posting illegal materials.

    The website can block the use of its services or delete information for any of the above mentioned reasons or without any reason. Also it is possible to interrupt the services or part of them without notification. In this case the paid money will be returned, proportionally with the degree of fulfillment of the services until the moment of interruption.

    The website can't be held responsible towards users or third parties for forbidding the access or/and deletion of the account.


    The user obliged himself not to legally proceed against the website and to pay all judicial taxes and any other expenses resulting from not respecting this Regulation.

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